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Music Biz Book

by David J. Spangenberg
[aka Professor Pooch]
Music Business Career Guidance
Educator/Author, Consultant, Mediator
Entertainment Contract Specialist

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All Rights Reserved

Over 340 Pages of Text = Over 9 Hours of Audio

Easy-to-read & listen to, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth info
covering the Entire Creative, Business & Legal Sides of the Music Business.

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Does Your Music Business Career seem to be ... "Stuck on Hold"?

Whether You're interested in the creative and/or business and/or legal side...

No matter what stage of Your career You're at...

No matter what style of music You are into...

"The Music Biz" (In Text & Audio) is...

An Informative and Inspirational, straight-to-the-point book,
with the sole purpose of getting You in the [right] door - and up the stairs!

The author speaks...

I have literally lived this book, working in the roles of many of the people I will talk about, including Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers on the Creative Side, as well as Managers, Publishers, Production and Indie Record Labels on the business side of the Music Industry. Each has a different job, yet each has the same goal: Success in the Music Industry.

Starting out as a Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, hands on experience over a long period of time has taught me a lot about the Music Industry, and so have the experiences of those who have sought my help in their careers. As I spent more and more time helping others, I found myself in a kind of career sideline, sharing my knowledge as a Music Business Consultant, Educator, Author, Mediator, Advisor, and Contract Specialist, with the aim of helping save people great amounts of wasted time, money and aggravation. I found that I thoroughly enjoyed this "work", and as things kept leading from one to another, I conceived the idea of this Book, as well as my Music Business Courses.

This is my attempt to do in print what I have tried to do in life: cut through the double-talk, and get down to basics in the Music Business.

I realize there is a kind of "mystique" about the Music Business in the minds of most people. People are always looking for "magic" and talking about the "overnight success" - which is usually the result of years of learning and "paying dues." If removing the mystique makes it less magical for you, I'm sorry, but I feel you'll thank me later. When you find you can get twice as much done on a fraction of the money, and begin to realize how much you've learned, you'll very happily understand that the place for mystique is in the MUSIC! NOT the Business!

I have tried to follow the advice I will frequently give you in this book: "Keep it Simple."

Finally, this is not a "brag book." The subject is not me, nor my exploits, but You, and how You can Get In, Survive, and Succeed in the Music Business - Without Getting Ripped Off!

David J. Spangenberg 2017

50th Year In The Music Industry!

35 Years Experience in the Business and Legal Sides - Full Time!

25 Years as an Educator / Author!


The Music Biz is split into 4 sections, putting major emphasis on all aspects of Songwriting and Publishing;
Performing; Recording; and the Business side of Music. Here is a very brief description of the sections:

  1. Songwriting & Publishing: Covers how to write and/or recognize, well-written, as well as marketable songs; how to protect them; how to record them; how to "sell" them; how to deal with Publishers and Songwriting Contracts; and how to receive a share of the Publishing income or actually become a Music Publisher, Yourself.

  2. Performing: Covers how to become a Professional Singer or Musician, how to choose the right people to work with, such as when forming a band or group; how to choose the right songs and prepare them for live performances; how to get "gigs", paying jobs, and how to move up the ladder; and how to prepare Yourself for performing on stage.

  3. Recording: Covers how to make the right recording decisions for Yourself, Your group or band, starting with what type of recording to make; whether You need the help of, or how to deal with people such as Arrangers, Producers, Engineers and Sound Designers, or wish to become one Yourself; how to prepare Yourself for recording, how to choose the right type of standard or specialized studio for Your situation as well as how to deal with them; how to conduct Your recording sessions from first note to final mix; and also includes information regarding recording on location, plus video taping.

  4. Minding Your Business: Covers how to decide which career is right for You and how to go about dealing with the business side of the Music Business. This includes how to promote Yourself to Your audience and the people in the business, such as Agents, Managers, etc.; how to become a Manager or Agent Yourself; how to deal with contracts in general and Entertainment Business Attorneys; how to approach and deal with Record Companies contractually and otherwise; and how to make a decent living in the business while You're trying to reach Your main goal.

Simply put, the aim of "The Music Biz" is to guide a person safely down the path,
step by step, into a successful full or part-time career in...

The Music Business

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"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you, and to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Creative, Business and Legal sides of the Music Business, in plain, easy-to-understand "People-Talk". No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do, no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you! Let us help you save wasted time and money..."

David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Career Guidance,
Music Legal & Contract Specialist

E-mail David at: Pooch@professorpooch.com

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All Rights Reserved
Professor Pooch LLC

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