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--> Professor Pooch's: "State of the Music Business Address 2010"
The Music Business in 2010: what's really happening and how it affects You!

--> Everything You Need To Do To Be Prepared For Anything You Want To Do In The Music Business
The title says it all... Some Steps Artists and others interested in a Music Business Career should take, or at least give it thought, before they start on the road upward...

--> Managers & Artists Dealing With Record Companies
Some Steps Artists and others interested in a Music Business Career should take, or at
least give thought to, before they deal with Managers and/or Record Companies...

Unsigned Acts and Drawing Fans
The ongoing dilemma of Unigned Acts - How to draw fans to your shows...

--> Censorship And The Entertainment Business

The title says it all... here's my views on censorship, and people blaming a lot of it on showbiz.

--> "Geeze.. I Thought He'd Be A Big Star By Now!"

He had the talent, he had the look, he had everything - except the most important thing...

--> "How Come THAT Band Draws So Many People?"

"WE'RE more talented than THEY are - but they get the bigger crowds!" How? The greatest form of promotion: Word-of-Mouth...

Ready... Set... Go For It!
It's time - you're ready for a career in the music business! Here's some things to think about as you're ready to take that 1st step...

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