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Here's a list of some of the important Music Industry contracts Professor Pooch deals with on a regular basis and what they are about…

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The amount of material shown on this web site is simply put as phenomenal. There is nothing that I could or would add. It covers everything that anyone could want. Another educational masterpiece from Professor Pooch. I continue to ask, "Where were you when I started out"? Your readers, followers are in tuned with the right questions and your answers are right on. Absolutely a great site. Keep it going Pooch!      

A. Green
San Francisco
[Soul Man, Al Green is a member of the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"]


Mr. Spangenberg,I just wanted to send a note - what a wonderful website you have created. You have provided encouragement in the music industry without giving false expectations. I have forwarded your web address to several musicians who may gain a great deal of knowledge just from your site..Sincerely,
Kerry C. Swartz
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


What should most importantly be said about David Spangenberg is that he is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is and offers tremendous insight into "The Biz". If you are serious about the business that is perhaps the most extremely difficult business to break into in the world, then pay attention to "the Pooch". He has a lot to offer to help you arm yourself for that most difficult task. Trust in Pooch!Jim Jim Gallagher
[Grammy Nominated Former Chief Engineer, Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia + Engineer for many others including Stevie Wonder]


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