Nutrition and Supplements for Singers & Musicians

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By Karen Stauffer

"Why do I have to worry - I eat a good diet?"  Probably not as good as you think.  Researchers show that people tend to exaggerate the amount of beneficial things (like fresh vegetables) they eat.

Even our concept of a "good diet" may not be accurate, as there are different metabolisms that may respond to different mixes of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  Sometimes food allergies or digestion difficulties can prevent a person from eating foods that would be beneficial.

Or, maybe you live on cheese steaks and fries, washed down with a cola or a beer, and you're not afraid to admit it!

First let me say that no amount of vitamins will make up for the aforementioned diet.  (High fat, salt, sugar and deficit of green vegetables.)  But your food tastes can be changed to a certain extent.  If you have to drench your greens in dressing at first, do it.  At least it gets you eating them.

If you find it inconvenient to eat well because you're on the road a lot, get into the habit of taking a small cooler full of fresh fruit and steamed or raw vegetables, and a bag of raw nuts.  Maybe a loaf of seven-grain bread and some hummus.  (Chickpea spread)

If you just don't know how to cook, make friends with someone who does, and either ask to learn the basics, or offer to do something for them in exchange for meals.  (Laundry is good!)

You can get lots of good prepared stuff in supermarkets now.  Salad in a bag, already washed and mixed.  Sushi (you can get it without raw fish!) makes a good lunch.  But, watch out... lots of the prepared meals are high in fat and salt. 

O.K., so maybe you're eating a good diet but your body needs more than you're getting.  Time to turn to vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.  You can get tablets, capsules, liquids, lozenges and even sprays!

Whatever you try, you are well advised to buy it somewhere you can get information on how to use it.  In other words, if you get your vitamins at the supermarket, don't expect the cashier to answer your questions!  There will be limited info on the bottle, but it helps to know you can call someone if you have an unexpected reaction to a new product.

By the way, the first time you take any product you never tried before, no matter what the dosage instructions on the bottle say, take only one pill!  Then if you have an unexpected reaction, it won't be too severe.  Vitamins and herbs are statistically much safer than prescription or over-the counter drugs, but sometimes a particular one will not agree with you.

If you are taking prescribed medication, please check with your doctor or pharmacist first before taking vitamins or herbs.  Most are OK, but some do not mix.  You don't want to interfere with the actions of the prescribed product, or cause an unpleasant interaction.

The most common mistake people make are taking too low a dose and taking vitamins inconsistently.  Take the full-recommended dose, and take it every day.  It may take a few weeks to get benefits from some supplements.  Others you feel with the first dose.

Most people benefit from supplements.  You may (even with good advice) have to experiment a bit with taking different ones.  Some people put it all in a blender and down a "shake", others don't mind swallowing pills.  (If a pill ever gets stuck halfway down, take a bite of a banana.  Slides it right down.)

Pay attention to your body and how you feel at different times of day.  Notice how you feel when you eat differently.

Remember that "Prevention" is the name of the game with health and nutrition.  That is, it's better to stop problems before they start.  So everything you do now to keep yourself in good condition will help your career for years to come.

And the better you feel, the better you'll sound!!!

Karen Stauffer

"River of Life Natural Foods"


[Karen's advice is not meant to replace
the advice of a physician. 
If you think you have a medical problem,
see your doctor]

Karen Stauffer

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