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Music Business Contract Law Basics - Mini Course

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Artist Development & Management course

by David J. Spangenberg
[aka Professor Pooch]
Music Business Career Guidance
Educator/Author, Consultant, Mediator
Entertainment Contract Specialist

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David J. Spangenberg
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Valuable Info That Can Protect You and Your Career!

"Every semester in my "Entertainment Law" Course at a well-known Art Institute, I spent the first part of the term presenting, explaining and discussing what I call the "Contract Basics of Music Business Law". That is, words, terms, phrases and clauses that appear, [or should appear] time and again, from contract to contract. I cover what to look out for in a contract that can hurt you - as well as what's been left out of a contract that can help You - if written and inserted correctly. And, it's all in plain, simple, easy-to-understand language!

Also included in this edition is a list of the common Music Industry Contracts with descriptions. And, it's all in plain, simple, easy-to-understand People Talk!"

INCLUDED: Audio, covering all the content - plus extended commentary!

David J. Spangenberg

Important Note:

Both courses on this page, are presented as educational tools by an experienced Music Business Contract Specialist who's been writing and negotiating contracts for 30 years. Please do not attempt to write your own contracts! Always see someone well-versed in Entertainment Law, such as an Entertainment Attorney well-versed in the Music Business regarding any Music Business Contracts to ensure you are being properly protected!

Music Business Contract Law

[Note: This Course Offered In Person, or on-line, Only!]

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INSTRUCTOR NAME: David J. Spangenberg

Music Business Educator
Consultant &
Contract Specialist


A Fascinating and Informative Course That Will Save You Much Time, Money and Aggravation

Complex Legal Mumbo Jumbo Made Simple & Easy-to-understand

You will Receive & Learn How to Analyze & Negotiate Actual Music Industry Contracts - From Both Sides of the Table


Partnership... Management... Songwriting/Publishing... Artist Development... Producer... Production Company... Record Company

[This course includes the Music Business Law Basics course above]


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David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]
Music Business Career Guidance
Educator, Author & Consultant
Entertainment Contract Specialist

Guiding Music Business Careers, for 35 Years



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