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"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you,
and to answer any and all of your questions regarding
the Creative, Business and Legal sides of the Music Business,
in plain, easy-to-understand "People-Talk".
No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do,
no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you!
Let us help you save wasted time and money.."

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David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Career Guidance,
Music Legal & Contract Specialist

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Music Industry People

Re: Professor Pooch...

As you “read between the lines” in Professor’s Pooch’s writings, [especially his Books and Courses!] you’ll notice that there’s way more to the subject matter than just useful info.

In that he’s never had a “Box” around him that he’d have to “think outside of”, he’s able to look at things from a wider perspective, giving you a fresh way of looking at the Music Industry so as to better help you see the Big Picture more clearly.  That is, the ability to see it the way it really is…

The result?  With the maze solved, let alone your questions, answered, you will clearly understand and feel more comfortable with your role in the Music Industry, and therefore feel more confident in who you are and what you are all about – and ready for any and everything that awaits you… 



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