Publisher’s Songwriter Information Check List:

[Each Songwriter, to be put with each Song]


Song Name: _________________________________________

Writer’s Name: _______________________________________

Email/Phone: ____________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Songwriter’s Contract:

Per song? ___ Exclusive? ___

Songwriting Share: ______%

Date Issued: _______________________

Date Signed: ___________________

First Important or Renewal Date: _________________

Co-Publishing Agreement [where applicable]

Per song? ___ Exclusive? ___ Administrator? ___ If not, who is? ______________________

Has own Pub. Company? ___ Signed to Pub. Company? ___ Just “share of money”? ___

Publishing Share: ______%

Date Issued: ________________

Date Signed: _________________

Length of Contract: _________________ [When applicable]

First Important or Renewal Date: _________________

Old © (‘s) Info [When applicable]:

PA /SR/COO Number: _________________ © Date _________________

New © (‘s):

Date Registered? _________________

COO Number: _________________ © Date _________________

Writer’s Affiliation:

BMI ___ ASCAP ___ SESAC ___

Their Publisher’s Affiliation:

BMI ___ ASCAP ___ SESAC ___





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