Superstars... What Makes Them Stand Out,
and What They All Have In Common...

© 2001 - David J. Spangenberg

If you had the chance to find the next person who you think could have a great chance of making it in the music industry, in , who and what would you be looking for - what would make these Artists Special to you?

Well, if I was a Major Manager, or Producer, or Record Company, I would only want to sign someone whom I believed would at least become very successful - because I would be spending lots of valuable time, money and effort, on this Artist.

My rule of thumb is: I gotta believe that he/she/they are Sooo creative, & Sooo marketable [that is, lots of people would want to buy their CDs, Download their songs, and/or come to their shows], that I'd be really Stupid if I DIDN'T sign them!!!

So what do I think makes a successful recording and performing artist?

#1.   They have DRIVE! 

They are Passionate about what they do! They have insatiable ambition!  They will settle only for the top! They won't let ANYTHING get in their way! They are Persistent!  They believe in hard work - on and off stage.  They give it all  they have all  the time!

#2.   They have MAGIC!

They "Glow in the Dark"!  They create Electricity!  They have "Sex Appeal"!  They have "Charisma"!  They have "The Look"!  Call it what You want - I call it MAGIC!  When You see them, You are glued to them - and they won't let You go!  You are mesmerized!

#3.   They're great ENTERTAINERS!

They're not just “Singers” or “Musicians”!  They have Style!  They have Great Showmanship!  They are ALIVE!  They Enjoy Entertaining!  Their performance comes from their Heart - not their head!  They have Fun!  They still have that "little Kid" in them!

#4.   They have GREAT SONGS!
Their songs Grab You - Hypnotize You and take You away to another world!

#5.   They are UNIQUE – but also Marketable!

They standout from the crowd- and other artists… they have their Own musical "Sound", their Own "Image"- but, they still must be MARKETABLE!  That is, many people will want to buy their product!
These are the type of people who are either Loved - or hated - but always talked about - because they are Unique...

#6.   They have loads of CONFIDENCE!

They believe in themselves so much that they are able to let down all the "walls" - and are not afraid to be vulnerable and sensitive to their audience!  There's never a fear of success. 

#7.   They Actively Engage Their Fans!

They Make Their Fans Feel Special - On Stage, AND Off Stage, including the Internet and Social Media Outlets, as well as in person...

#8.   They Have the Right Team!

Their Web Designers/Programmers, Social Media Experts, Publicists, Fan Clubs, etc., promote the hell out of them!

They know, understand and accept that…


They are up and running as an active Music Business entity! They look like a business, and through their Team, act as a business!




"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you,
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No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do,
no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you!
Let us help you save wasted time and money.."

David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Consultant,
Educator & Advisor
Contract Specialist

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