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The amount of material shown on this web site is simply put as phenomenal. There is nothing that I could or would add. It covers everything that anyone could want. Another educational masterpiece from Professor Pooch. I continue to ask, "Where were you when I started out"? Your readers, followers are in tuned with the right questions and your answers are right on. Absolutely a great site. Keep it going Pooch!

Al Green
San Francisco
[Member, "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"]

Mr. Spangenberg,
I just wanted to send a note - what a wonderful website you have created. You have provided encouragement in the music industry without giving false expectations.

I have forwarded your web address to several musicians who may gain a great deal of knowledge just from your site.

Kerry C. Swartz
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

What should most importantly be said about David Spangenberg is that he is a straight shooter. He tells it like it is and offers tremendous insight into "The Biz". If you are serious about the business that is perhaps the most extremely difficult business to break into in the world, then pay attention to "the Pooch". He has a lot to offer to help you arm yourself for that most difficult task. Trust in Pooch!

Jim Gallagher
[Former Grammy Nominated Chief Engineer, Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia + Engineer for many others including Stevie Wonder for 2 years.]

Professor Pooch has developed an indepth exploration of the ever changing music business in all aspects. With his ability to share with anyone, seasoned or the novice, interested in the music business, he also adds wit and humor with cartoon images and graphics giving it more life and interest than any site I have fallen upon. Once you get to the site, you will be coming back for more. The site is absolutely fascinating and educational. Just an indication of the breadth of his talents.

Joe Mioriello
Prof. of the Arts
Las Vegas, NV.

This is one fabulous site. I even learned from it. Here's to you Pooch! is a measure of Pooch's skill as a musician's best friend. As a music educator, a songwriter and his knowledge about all aspects of music and the music business, makes this site so compelling. He has definitely crafted an artful educational site for all those interested in the music business. He is a definite asset to the music business!

David Eisenberg
Entertainment Attorney
San Francisco, CA.

I read an article that a friend found on your site that really hit home for her band (and the band that I am currently working with) about the Wannabees. It was an excellent article and I have copied and pasted it onto the Detroit area musicians network (which I am an Adminstrator for) website, because I wanted to share this with others here. I have been working in the Detroit area for around 10 years now, being a part of the Detroit Musician's Alliance and the Detroit Music Awards shows. I have been involved with some personal issues in the last few years and the music had been put on the backburner, but I am getting back out there now and your site gave me the push to get back out there.



…thank you for writing a very easy to read and understand site, book and courses.

Best regards,

Annie Su

The article you put up on copyrighting was highly helpful and beneficial to me in the past two days since we are in the stages of doing that. It was very are the freaking man!!

Brett from "Outset"

Your website is so informative!! I was on it today for hours. Thank you for the content. It's right on the money professor.

Lisa Jones

Your site is a great resource. I didnt know about it until you emailed me, but your tutorials are awesome. Thats really nice you share that with people


As expected, I've hit several more gold veins to mine in your "Music Business Complete". It is an awesome collection of concise data about the biz -- quick and fun to read and hard to stop. But I had to stop tonight just to come by and say thanks...and also because the hour is getting late. (This is the second time I thought I'd "just read a little bit" and 3 hours later I am wondering where the time went.) Thanks for all the great info!

All the best,


"Great site and wonderful contribution to music professionals. Keep up the great work."

Jim Tessier


You're a genie in a bottle!! It's great to be able to ask questions and get direct answers.

Thank you always !!!! ((^^))

Lamia from paris

Tips to live by! Thanks for sharing that, that's really cool of you~ these are definitely factors most bands find out the hard way. :-)


I'm glad i found you on here. You've great great info and advice. thanks!!

take care-


hey professor,

I dig your outlook on the biz. Istop by your site ever now and again. full of goodies. thanks :)


Hi, I am glad I decided to check out your website.

I was recently in a situation, where a owner of a recording studio and independent label, and his lawyer, wanted to produce me and offered me a deal and a contract, I read it over and turned it down, it just did not look right to me. I kind of felt bad about it, now having read some of the things on your site, I see I made the right decision.

I am glad that you put out good information.

Larry Gingrich

I enjoy reading all your posts, you have some great insight.



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