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You Don't Get A Second Chance
To Make A First Impression!

You know what it's like when you first meet someone - you get an initial impression of him or her that can be slightly to very positive, slightly to very negative, or maybe just non-existent.  Using that premise, when you or your product is presented to someone new, that initial opinion can get you a contact, a contract, the door, or simply total disinterest.  And, this will also usually affect any future presentations to this person.  And you want [need] to open [as well as keep open] doors wide- not shut them!  My point?  Make a rip-roaring first impression!


Your Name: It's The Most Important Thing You Have.
How You Treat It Will Determine Your Success!

You are known by your name in the Music Business. Everything you do is under a microscope. Do whatever is necessary to keep your name in good standing by only presenting and representing Great product! Always remember that when you represent someone else's product, Your name is on the line!


2 rules for Success: Have Fun & Be Professional!

These are the two rules with which I govern my business, my art and my life. (1) You should be having "Fun" doing what you do! If you're not, why are you doing it! If you aren't having fun, your product will look and/or sound "dead". Also, (2) You must professionally create and/or produce and/or handle the product - that is, get it done. Done completely, and done well! You can then proudly say - "This is mine!"


"Making It" Consists Of:
1/3 Talent, 1/3 Luck, And 1/3rd Persistence.
You Can Make Your Own Luck By Being Persistent!

The odds are more and more in your favor the more persistent you are. If you are persistent, there's a much better chance you'll be in the right place at the right time - which is what luck is!


Get Your Foot In The Door Any Way You Can!

Whether it's by being creative in your presentation - or you just plain knock the door down by being persistent- get your foot in the door! Even if you have to give in a little, it's worth a lot it in the long run! You gotta start somewhere if you want to finish at the top!


10% Of Something…
Is Worth Way More Than
100% Of Nothing!

Don't insist on all the power or money. If you want it all, you'll get none! 10% of something in the Music Biz can be a lot of money!!! By taking 10% now, you'll have your foot in the door to make much more than 10%! A fact: You can be the most creative person in the world - but if somebody can't make a fair amount of money from you or your product - your career is dead!


Be Just As Creative On The Business End As
You Or Your Client Is On The Creative End!

Creativity in how you run your business, and how you are presented and promoted will make your business successful - you and/or your Product will be noticed and stand out from the others!


Remember that the Music Business is a Business!

Keep your eyes wide open! If you do there'll be less of a chance you'll be screwed - and more of a chance you'll be successful! And, again, remember that if someone can't make a fair amount of money off of you or your product…


Never Burn Bridges!

You need every contact you can make. Even if they turn you down today, be diplomatic and at least start a relationship with this person that could blossom in the future. Be Professional! You don't have to agree with someone's opinion. Leave the door open - you never know what benefits that relationship will have in the future… You must realize that that lowly assistant you might've yelled at may be the President of a company you wish to do business with some day!


"Good" Is Not Good Enough…
If You Want To Get To The Top,
You And Your Product Must Be GREAT!!!

There are a ton of "Good" singers, "Good" songwriters, "Good" Producers, etc. You want to (and need to) stand out from the others - be Greater than Great - be OUTSTANDING!!!



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