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An Opportunity to Create Your Own New Normal

By Professor Pooch
© David J. Spangenberg

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I'm sure it is becoming more & more obvious, to more & more people, that daily life will never be going back to the "normal" that we've grown accustomed to through the years. Whether we like it or not, since the birth of the Corona Virus, our normal has been swept away, and the changes that have already started coming our way will continue to steadily evolve over the next 2-5 years - a big chunk out of the most important time of our lives.

It'll seem to be coming from almost every direction, and will in one way or another affect most everyone in some or many ways.

To add to that, a great deal of people are afraid of changes in general, that is, anything they're not set and comfortable with, or have at least adapted to. Even the thought of any changes is just plain scary to some.

Now, what if you had a choice, where instead of looking fearfully ahead into the possible changes that could occur where you'll be reacting to what may be thrown into your life, You could Create Your Own New "Normal" where life is even better for you than before.

Why not...

Turn Your Fears into Challenges?

Or, Even Better Yet,


You have now been gifted with a great opportunity to step up and take control of Your Life, as Well as Your Career!

Yes, there are a lot of unknowns coming. But what if we could create an even better Normal, at least for ourselves, where we'd be able to have some control?!

There are a couple things in mind that should ease your fears, because whether you've exercised control of your own life before, or not, you definitely have control of one aspect of your own life:

You Always have a Choice of Which Way You can Look at Anything. That is, the one thing you can always control in your life - Your "Attitude" towards anything.

A Principle Law of the Universe: The "Law of Polarity". It is a scientific fact that everything in the Universe has what appears to be an opposite side - for better, or for worse, as it pertains to you - although, actually, they are two inseparable parts of the same thing.

And therefore, in regard to everything that is starting to change, yes, observe it, seeing where it is going, but then use your creativity and adjust it to fit you, and what you want to achieve in life, as a person, as well as career-wise.

You can Choose to look at things

From the Positive side

or the Negative side,

of Anything, for Any Reason.

Think about it.

the Negative Side Can do You

No Good and Get You Nowhere.

So, Why Not Err on the Side of

Always Having a Great Attitude?!

(No matter what, "worry" and other negative waste-of-time emotions have definitely proven they are able to kill your immune system.)

It's also a fact, that you can simply react to, and and even worse, accept the life that others will attempt to create for you, instead of creating your Own way of life, where things lean more Your way. Sorry, but the World is gonna change anyway, so why not "help it along" to go more in your direction?!

Yes, we should learn from & honor the past, but, we should also accept and participate in the present where we can be Creating, & therefore Looking Forward to, our future. One where We have more of a Say!

Here's How to Get a Great Jump Start, if you wish to move forward with your life & career...

Ditch any and all of the Toxic, Negative People in Your Life,

Including the Drama Queens (& Kings).

You will then find that

Your World Will instantly Brighten Up!

And, Much of Life's Daily Anxiety

Will Magically Disappear.


Everything is Energy.

When You Are Around Negative People,

You Attract Their Negative Energy,

which Will Drain your Positive Energy...

As you will hear me say often, you must avoid negative people and their negative vibes at all costs, if you wish to have a happy, healthy, and successful life, as well as a prosperous career.

And for all you who are "stuck inside" or simply working from home, remember:

You have No Room

for any Negative Thoughts

In Your Workspace.

Do Not Allow Them to Enter!

Finally, please don't allow yourself to get sucked into talking yourself out of, or worse yet, letting someone else try to stop you from being all that you can be. You have the right and power to create your own next step in life, in your own image, where you can be a new and happier, You.

Simply realize that you are being presented with a Great Opportunity to Create Your Own New Normal.

So, why not take advantage of it?!


Note: The concepts above are from my Self-Empowerment Book, "God Didn't Create Alarm Clocks"

Btw, One thing you can Always do, to get yourself, as well as your music business friends moving forward with your careers, whether you're on the creative or business side, is simply go to my web site, professorpooch.com

And, yes, you'll see all my Books & Courses, Services, Programs, and "PoochCasts," but you should also visit the "Free Library" on my site. It's the tab at the top right - and there's bunches of free "How To's" (In Both Text an Audio) from How to Start a Record Company, to Licensing your songs to TV/Films/Gaming, plus lots more.

And if you have any questions You can always reach me at: Pooch@professorpooch.com

Take Care, & Stay Safe!

Onward & Upward!


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