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How to Thrive Personally, as well as Career-wise, in These Crazy Times...

By Professor Pooch
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Dear Friends,

Over the 40 years I've been guiding Music Business Careers, I've never seen this type of mind-altering insanity in the World - and especially what it's doing to all the Music People Stuck Inside - where creative people can create Negative thinkings, as well as Positive thinkings, when we don't keep our heads on straight, and occupied with productive stuff!

YES, During these insane times, it's Very Important for people to take the obvious precautions, washing hands often, not getting anywhere close to any sneezing, coughing people, etc., etc..

BUT, likewise, Thinking Positive, is Very Important, because Mental affects Physical! Please Remember that bad mental attitudes, and the associated stress, can kill your immune system - making yourself more susceptible to disease!

Look, we've always been taught to use our 5 senses - seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. But, what we're doing with them is simply reacting to something that is already there; something created by others. The things we're "reacting to" - come from the past.

Now that many of us are stuck inside, it's a great opportunity to explore, and exercise, our 6 inner senses, which can help us during these trying times:

1. Our Imagination: This gives us the ability to Create & Imagine, where instead of reacting to the past, We can Create our Own Future...

Simply set yourself loose! Imagine, create, whenever possible. Everyone is creative, if they choose to be. It just needs to be exercised just like any muscle.

2. Our Will: This gives us our ability to Focus, to concentrate on 1 thing, and to exclude all other thoughts from getting in the way. Very successful people have this trait, knowing the importance of being "self-disciplined" (a softer word - "self-leadership".)

And the Will and Self-Discipline, are tied together. That is, the self-discipline to know something needs to be done, & the Will's job is to keep you focused on it, so you follow through on and accomplish what needs to be done. A Positive Thing!

(By the way, you will find that getting rid of all distractions and clutter in your workspace, or wherever you are, will help you greatly. You see with your brain - not your eyes.)

3. Reason: This allows us to take different thoughts in, and have the ability to choose which to accept as right for us, and which to reject as wrong for us.

And negativity is wrong for us! Tell the negative thoughts in your head to find another victim!

4. Our Memory: Everybody has a Great Memory - if they Exercise it enough. It's a muscle, folks! Use it or lose it…

But make sure you focus on positive, constructive memory projects, not things that upset you, like things from the past!

5. Our Intuition: Comes into play when you "get that gut feeling that..." Such as, when the phone rings and you know who it is before you answer. We all have it, and we've all used it, and like the other intellectual senses, it can become a useful skill.

Note: Learn to trust your gut - it's usually pretty accurate!

6. Our Perception: This is where your point of view on any and everything comes from, which usually brings in many factors, such as your past and present "environment."

It can be altered by opening your mind up and choosing to look at things from a wider point of view, a different perspective, always with an even more optimistic slant.

My Recommendation: We should use these confining times for moving ahead with our careers. Learning as much as we can, writing new songs, writing a book (we All have a book inside!), or wherever your "gut" leads you.

Let's Focus on using Every Minute of Every Day to Create our Own Future...

And 1 more big piece for your mental & physical health: Whenever you think of it, take 10 deep breaths, pausing at the top, & at the bottom for a few seconds. This will get rid of the stale energy inside, which can only help increase your brain & energy levels!

Simply, use these times to take control of your life - & create a better future for yourself, & others.

Note: The concepts above are from my Self-Empowerment Book, "God Didn't Create Alarm Clocks"

Btw, One thing you can Always do, to get yourself, as well as your music business friends moving forward with your careers, whether you're on the creative or business side, is simply go to my web site, professorpooch.com. And, yes, you'll see all my Books & Courses and Services & Programs, but you should also visit the "Free Library" on my site. It's the tab at the top right - and there's bunches of free "How To's" (In Both Text an Audio) from How to Start a Record Company, to Licensing your songs to TV/Films/Gaming, plus lots more.

And if you have any questions You can always reach me at: Pooch@professorpooch.com

Take Care, & Stay Safe!

Onward & Upward!


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