David J. Spangenberg
"Professor Pooch"

PO Box 29128, Phila., PA 19127 o (215) 483-7421

Music Business Consultant/Advisor/Mediator/Educator
Music Business Contract Specialist

"Professor Pooch LLC"
  • Music Business Consultant, Advisor, Educator, Mediator & Music Legal & Contract Specialist

  • Creator-Writer/Owner of Many Music Business Educational products, including, a Book and Courses; plus a large Music Business Educational Website:… DVDs, Radio, TV and Internet shows…
  • Owner of “Music Business Central™”, a TV/Radio/Multimedia Company offering Educational & “Edu-tainment Products”… Voice, Writer and Director of audio “PoochCasts™” [Music Business Podcasts]… “Gigster & the Pooch” Video
  • Music Business Management Services Company

    Creative, Business & Legal Experience & Skills

    A. 2010 marked 30 years continually guiding the musical careers of many past, present and future Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, & Producers, etc.  This includes:

    • Training them musically and professionally to be the best that they can be.

    • Helping them to psychologically "handle" the national/international level.

    • Teaching them all aspects of the Music Business.

    • Troubleshooting

    B. Over 25 years experience as a consultant to many Music Publishers, Managers, Production Companies, Independent Record Companies, Attorneys, etc…

    • Helping them start and administer their entertainment businesses.

    • Teaching them how to run their businesses.

    • Providing them with the proper contracts and other music business legal advice.
    • Providing them with ongoing guidance regarding all aspects of their business.                 

    • Troubleshooting

    C. As a Professional Speaker, Lectured in person and by conference and video-conference call at Elementary, Secondary, High Schools, and Colleges in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware on various aspects of the Music Business and Entertainment Law. Lectured with Q&A by Internet and national audio, audiovisual, and virtual reality for radio stations and schools. Served on many Music Business Panels at Seminars, etc. Featured guest speaker at many events.

    D. Owner/WebMaster/Writer of “” an Educa-tional Web Site for people interested in beginning and advancing their careers in the Music Business. Also, David is a contributor to many other Music Business Sites and E-zines and Periodicals. Director of, another Educational Web Site School…

    E. Author of Music Business Courses on "Artist Development & Management", "Songwriters & Music Publishing", "Producing, Production Companies & Indie Labels " and a "Music Business Contract Legal Basics" mini-course... Author of the Published Book "The Music Biz" [How to Get In, Survive, and Succeed - Without Getting Ripped Off].  Thousands of copies sold.  Always updated and expanded for the 21st century.  340+ pages.

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    David J. Spangenberg

    David's Book, all of his Music Business Courses, plus many extras, are sold internationally on his Web Site, plus other affiliated sites.

    Author of several hundred Published Articles, Blogs and Commentaries on the Music Industry, featured on his

  • F. Written contracts for, negotiated with and for, and represented…

    • Artistic people, including, but not limited to:

      Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Arrangers,
      Producers, Beat Makers, Actors/Actresses
      , etc. 


    • Businesses, Companies and Corporations, including, but not limited to:

      Recording Studios, Music Publishers, Managers, Production Companies,
      Independent Record Companies, Attorneys,

    • Aided and trained Attorneys regarding the nuances of Entertainment Law, including Lawyers interested in specializing in the Music Business field.

    • Troubleshooter for all of the above          

    G. Developed and taught the following courses at the Art Institute of Philadelphia [8 years: 1991-1998]

    • "Entertainment Law"

    • "Songwriting/Music Publishing"
    • "Artist Management"
  • H. Radio & TV
    • Edu-tainment Radio & TV webcasts & podcasts

    • DVDs Video Works, both educational, as well as edu-tainment…
    • Interviewed and lectured via many terrestrial and Internet radio stations

    • “Gigster & the Pooch” Edu-tainment Videocasts

    Actor - TV

I. As a Music Publisher…
    • Member of "BMI" [Broadcast Music Inc.], a Performing Rights Society, and the "Harry Fox Agency", a Licensor for Music Publishers.

    • Own or co-own over 200 copyrighted and registered songs.

    • Prolific Songwriter: Music &/or Words, any style, any subject, any purpose; Song Doctor... Film & Video Soundtracks

J. As owner of a Professional Computerized Recording Facility "The Sound Lab" - 1985 - 2005…

  • Hundreds of clients. Served as Producer, Musical Arranger, Audio Engineer, as well as Professional Sound-Designer/Programmer of Musical Computers on hundredsds of recording sessions

K. As Performer/Musician/Arranger/Producer…

  • 2 Recording Deals with Major Producers... Recordings as Vocalist, Guitarist, Pianist... Performed Live as Vocalist/Guitarist...

  • Drums/Percussion, Bass, Horns, Strings, etc., using Analog & Digital Synthesizers and Computerized Keyboards...

  • Musical Arranger: Chord Charts, Lead Sheets & Complete Musical Arrangements...

  • Producer: Musical Recordings for Demos, Records, Film/Video; Stage Performances, Commercials...

  • Sound-Designer/Programmer: owned MIDI/Computerized Music facility for 20 Years…

L. Miscellaneous…

  • Commercials (Radio/TV): Writing Jingles, Music Copy; Singing & Speaking Parts, Voice-overs...

  • Newspaper Column & Articles, Short Stories, TV & Film Outlines and Treatments ...

  • Large Internet following

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