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The Uniting of the Independent Music & Film Worlds

By Professor Pooch
© David J. Spangenberg

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If you haven't noticed already, there are more & more Film/Video-related educational & informational works included in my Newsletter and postings on other sites, besides my Music Business works. Why?

Through the last few years I've been asked to be a guest speaker at different Film & Video Networking events, as well as Schools, etc. I would usually speak about the creative, business, and contract "how to's" regarding Putting Music into Film, TV, Video, Video-games, etc., for the Film People as well as Musicians...

I realized very quickly, through all the Q & A parts of my lectures, as well as messages/emails/etc., I received in the following days, there are many Filmmakers wanting to know more about how to deal with the different Music People and situations they were running into. I have found that a good amount of the Film people are just as confused as the Music people regarding working together in a safe and productive manner.

First, let's look at the overall picture: Addressing Video and Film People and Companies: Since Film united with Sound (circa 1928 with "The Talkies"), Films (and then Videos, etc.) have needed "Broadcast Quality" Sound, great Songs; & "Scoring" (the underlying Music/Tracks). (To me, there is nothing worse than poorly recorded or mixed, sound in films).

And Film People now need Music more than ever, including Songs & Scores/Tracks, in that everybody and their mother is starting their own network including Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc., etc., and the list goes on and on. And even the present networks have their own streaming services. Simply put, there is a gigantic need for content!

Addressing Music People and Companies: Fact: 90% of people looking for a particular song go to YouTube. Therefore, if there ever was a time Musicians need Videos, and Songwriters & Arrangers need professional Film/Video help… Musical presentations cannot just include Music anymore – Multimedia is a must.

Simply put: Musicians need Videos, nowadays, as much as Video/Film People need Sound/Songs/Tracks.

And as seen, one of the most logical ways for Songwriters and Artists to get their Songs heard, while even making some money, as well as at least getting exposure, is to place their songs in TV, Film, video games, commercials, etc.

By the way, Performers, why not take some Acting gigs?! I've acted in over 35 Indie films, and I am having a blast! And due to the fact that I've seen the scripts, I've been able to place several of my songs and recordings in different movies by matching the right songs I wrote or co-wrote, to the movie script and feel!

Now, since the Film & Music People will quite often be working with each other, it pays to understand each other. And, especially in the Indie Music and Film Worlds, there are many similarities in the 2 worlds:

→ The Scriptwriters in a Film = the Songwriters in Music

→ Actors = the Singers & Musicians

→ The Director of Photography (In charge of Recording the Video) = The Audio Engineer (In charge of Recording the Audio)

→ The "Director" – the person in charge of the overall Filming Process = The "Producer" the person in charge of the overall Recording Process in Music.

→ The Editing/Editors of a Film = The Producing/Producers in Music. Both are in charge of coming up with the ready-to-go, look and sound final product.

→ The Producer of a Movie = Record Label/Executive Producer/Production Company in Music. They are in charge of the business ends.

→ Film Company/Distributor = Record Company/Distributor

An interesting note: With very little digging, you will notice that the Major Film Companies, & the Major Music Companies have a good deal of the same "Parents." Check out who owns the Major Music & Film Labels. Quite a few are "under the same roof."

To sum it up, to me it's quite logical: the Film People & the Music People each need each other. We shouldn't just think we're in "Music" or "Film" anymore. This is : It's called Multi-Media...

The Sound/Music & Film/Video People should unite, at times, and really develop a mutually beneficial relationship, sharing knowledge – and phone numbers. We both need each other more than ever, and I'm into uniting them, when it makes sense. There is power in numbers...

Disclaimer: I now admit, after 50 years addicted to the Music Industry, I've also become addicted to the Film Community, as an Actor, as well as a business and contract person...

For the complete detailed version of how Music & Film people can work together, including the different kinds of Licensing and business situations, please check out in my "Free Library" on professorpooch.com – Music Licensing in TV & Film"


Remember if you ever have any questions about the Business or Legal ends of the Music or Film Business, or need my help regarding these in any way, please contact me at: pooch@professorpooch.com

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